Monday, 19 October 2009

Posts Of Interest 20/10

Boytoons Magazine does a feature on Black Wade - [link]

Exterface is set to release their new photographic book, X (The 10 faces of Fred Fautin) in November - [link]

Tao Caino does an exclusive interview for YVY Mag - [link]

Major Mayhem by Joe Lally - [link]

Robert Perovich is "Le Male" for Jean Paul Gaultier - [link]

Jon Kortajarena & Oriol Elcacho by David Dunan [link]

Chris McNally by Paul Reitz - [link]

Tyler Riggs by Hugh Lippe - [link]

Hat Tips

Boytoons Magazine
Ethan Says
YVY Magazine
Ohlala Mag
Zephyr Files

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