Thursday, 1 October 2009

Humbuged Art Feature

AG: What is your name?

HU: Humbuged. Everyone likes to call me Hummy sometimes :)

AG: Where are you from?

HU: Huminia!

AG: How long have you been drawing?

HU: I've been drawing more than half of my life.

AG: Is Art a chosen career choice or a hobby?

HU: It's a hobby. Good thing I can make money from it :D

AG: Do you possess any formal training i.e. college, workshops, through work experience etc?

HU: I studied graphic design and worked for a few years.

AG: Which media do you most enjoy? Least enjoy?

HU: My works are all digital now. It's very convenient.

AG: What is your creative process? Do you have one?

HU: It's all pretty random. Sometimes I get the inspiration first before I draw. Other times, I'll doodle things then a feeling gets hold of me to finish the doodle.

AG: What is your main source of inspiration?

HU: Music, colors, movies, men, life.

AG: Do you have any favourite artists?

HU: I appreciate the works of the Grand Masters and looking at current artists inspire me a lot! Currently, I get all giddy inside when these artists post new works; Dongsaeng, Artdecade, Zelolee.

AG: Are you currently working on any projects?

HU: Yes I am :D Trying to expand the flash game library on my site,

AG: Has your work ever been published?

HU: Commercially? I don't think so. I hope this will change in the near future :D

AG: Any advice you would like to offer to our aspiring artists out there?

HU: Practice and have fun! :)

AG: Cake or Pie?

HU: Depends what flavor they are ;) Mmm, I'm wanting blueberry right now, hehe

AG: Any other comments?

HU: Keep doing what makes you happy :)

Thanks Hummy!

You can see more of humbuged's work at his site and Y!Gallery.


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