Sunday, 15 April 2007

Stephen Pierce (Baddogltd) Photography Feature

Stephen Pierce, living in New Jersey, started taking pictures with a camera he borrowed from his brother in law. He went out and shot several street corners. After that night, his brother in law never received the camera back.

He had no professional training but he worked around his lack of experience by colour printing, a process that involves shooting black & white then fill with paint. A process he still uses this day with Photoshop.

Not only do I like the visuals of Stephen's photography, I like the emotional impact that they convey. From intimacy to provocation, joyous warmth to cold grittiness, Stephen's talent in such things show a fantastic insight.

The pictures above and below (Shadow City Sunset and 53rd and 3rd) are from Stephen's Series - Lost Boys, Wayward Angels and Dead End Kids. It depicts different types of people in a industrial modern city. A very raw and powerful collection of photos.

Fantastic work!

You can see more of his photography on his deviantart gallery

All images ©Stephen Pierce (Baddogltd)
Do not redistribute without permission


Black Leather said...

Hey Adam,

REALLY nice work you've put up on here. The lasttime I looked on here it wasn't quite up and running unless I clicked on a wrong button which is more than likely in my case if I haven't had enough coffee before using this god damn contraption!

Just wanted touch base with you but will zip by when I get back from the Gym and have a proper peek a boo at your blog.


Nerone said...

Hi Adam.
Great photos! Keep them coming.
Sorry for the delay on my comment. I was on vacation...
I've updated your link in my blog.
I hope you didn't give up drawing.



Gerald Dean said...

i also enjoyed your drawings and would like to see more, though i like this featuring other artist's works as well. good job so far!

mountii said...


Anonymous said...

Adore his work. :)