Friday, 30 March 2007

J. Michael McCracken (Stpeteartisan) Feature!

Watercolour paintings are difficult by definition. One failed stroke of a brush can totally destroy the entire piece, as it is difficult to correct. This is one of the reasons, I highly commend J Michael McCracken.

Originally from E. Tennessee, now located in St Petersburg, J has always been drawing and painting and studied many art courses. His big break started when he sold two pieces on EBay on September 24 2004. He won first place of the International World Aids Day Contest on Deviantart.

His works are approximately five hours or more in total and the display of detail shows this. The anatomy is flawless, the colours are bright, and the tones itself are expertly done.

J has not only captured the solidarity of the male form but a fragile beauty characteristic too.

He donates a portion of proceeds from the sale of originals, and all of his print sales on deviantART to his local HIV charity.

Fantastic work that needs to be highly praised!

You can see more of his artworks on his deviantart gallery.

All images ©J. Michael McCracken (stpeteartisan)
Do not redistribute without prior permission


JC said...

Very nice. I hadn't seen this work before, so it's a welcome surprise.

Watercolours are indeed pretty difficult to master. McCracken seems to have found a great technique. Makes me wanna paint!!

But then I'll start and get pissed that it won't look like this and GIVE UP! blah.

Dhani said...

that's pretty hot.
i prefer Josman & the like .
here's my blog

JOHANNES said...

Great works. What a talent!

buff said...

I first saw J. Michael's art pieces in deviant art. They are raw and capture the pure eroticism of the subjects. WOOOF