Saturday, 18 April 2009

FallenMessiahX Feature

AG: What is your name?

FMX: Joshua Marin is my real name. FallenMessiahX is my pen name. FMX for short.

AG: Where are you from?

FMX: Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I am still living here. It's not too bad of a city, I think.

AG: How long have you been drawing?

FMX: Since I was a kid. I used to do a lot of unicorns and Pegasuses cause I was gay like that. LOL. I then moved on to drawing Sonic the Hedgehog during my video game obsession. After that it was American style comic superheroes, mainly X-Men. When I was 15 I got into anime and I kept that drawing style ever since.

AG: Is Art a chosen career choice or a hobby?

FMX: Both! My job involves doing nothing but animation and art work! I love it! I work for a well known company. *clue* Their mascot is some kind of rodent.

AG: Do you possess any formal training i.e. college, workshops, through
work experience etc?

FMX: Yes, I went to the Art Institute of Colorado. I took their animation program. I was disappointed a bit because they concentrated more on 3D animation. I strongly dislike doing 3D.

AG: Which media do you most enjoy? Least enjoy?

FMX: Well I like it all. Well for the most part. Not 3D though! LOL

AG: What is your creative process? Do you have one?

FMX: Not too much, first I use a light blue color (digital) or a light blue colored pencil and do a under drawing to plot down where I want everything to be. I then flesh it out with pencil and if I like it I'd ink and color it. Pretty standard stuff here.

AG: What is your main source of inspiration?

FMX: Other really good art work! Movies, books etc. Pretty much any other source that involves some sort of creativity.

AG: Do you have any favourite artists?

FMX: Well I feel bad saying this but I don't follow any "fine" artists. But I love the old Greek/Roman statues. Also the old school religious ones. I love epic statues that have nude bodies, flowing cloth and dramatic body possitions.

As for comic/animation artits I love Clamp, Hayao Miyazaki, Naoko Takeuchi. For my fellow Bara/Yaoi artists I got to give my love to Patrick Fillion, Absolutblue, Masanori and Zannuf. I know there are many other artists I love but I am having a bit of a brain fart right now trying to think of them all.

AG: Are you currently working on any projects?

FMX: No, I never get around to devoting any time to them. I have so many I want to do but sadly they never get started.

AG: Has your work ever been published?

FMX: Well there was some contest entries I did many years ago for a "SwimSuit" competition for a no longer published magazine called Animerica. I also had some flyers and posters made for local events at night clubs. So I guess over all not a whole lot.

AG: Any advice you would like to offer to our aspiring artists out there?

FMX: Yes! Draw, draw and draw more. Practice make perfect. Hide old art work someplace and come back after a while and look at them. You will totally see a difference, that means you are getting better!

Also, don't trace!!! Use reference but never trace over other images. It's cheating! When you trace over a image of a real person, it shows. We can all tell!!! LOL

AG: Cake or Pie?

FMX: I am not too big of a fan of cake. I don't like birthday cake, the frosting is nasty. I love cheesecake, carrot cake (Got to love cream cheese frosting) and German chocolate cake. So in short, PIE!

AG: Any other comments?

FMX: Isn't this funny how this is all happening while Lauren is gone?

Thanks FMX!

You can check out more of his work on Y! page and blog :)

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